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With an accomplished professional photographer as his Father and a talented artist as his Mother; Chad Carlson has merged an innate ability and passion for both of these fields into every facet of his life.
Although his love for art was nurtured from the first moment he could create an edible scene from his broccoli and burgers, from the age of seven, Chad was allowed to accompany his mother to college classes where she taught Commercial Art classes.

Here he was surrounded by extraordinarily creative adults who were not only amused, but slightly intimidated, by his dexterity and artistic skill far beyond his years.
Not to be outdone, Chad’s father found Chad to be an ideal model for his burgeoning Photography business and this photo of Chad at 19 months was even featured on a cover of a Photography magazine.

Photographs were taken of Chad every month during his first year and then yearly. The experience molded Chad into a seasoned professional from both sides of the camera by the time he was a teenager.

After Chad finished both Al Collins Graphic Design School and the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, he freelanced as a Graphic Designer and Photographer. Selected accomplishments during these years include:

  • Wedding and Portrait Photography
  • Special Event Photography
  • Scenic, Sound and Lighting Technical Production
  • Layout, Design, Cover and Illustrations in 2 published books
  • Layout, Photography and Design of numerous promotional materials

While refining and expanding his technical skills in sound, lighting, photography and graphic design, Chad discovered the endless possibilities with computer programs such as; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AutoCad, Maya and many others and realized that he had found his niche.

Voraciously reading, attending seminars and joining professional organizations has given Chad a distinctive style that, enhanced with his wealth of knowledge and experience, makes for an extraordinary combination. He has developed websites, logos, brochures, PIGI imagery, and other supporting graphics for many prestigious clients such as, Cox Communications, Sony, TV Guide, Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Microsoft, Dell, Shadow Mountain Productions, Southwest Showtech, Buick, Clairol, Remax, Viejos Casino, and many others.

"My Creations come to Life when the Mind releases it's unrelenting grip
and allows the Spirit to Reveal the Secrets, Visions, and Stories
hidden within our Creatures and all of nature's extraordinary Creations.
I find they have much to tell us...however, we must know how to Listen.

But, before Creation, there must be Inspiration...
which may present itself like Thunder or even in a Whisper,
either way, Inspiration is impossible to ignore and
is one of life’s most powerful Gifts.

Creations born of these precious Gifts of Inspiration...
touches the Spirit of Others and Changes the World.”
~ Chad J. Carlson 2007

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